The Collective of Child Welfare Survivors

Who We Are

The Collective of Child Welfare Survivors (“CCWS”) is a grassroots organization that provides various support for child welfare survivors between the ages 15-25 years old, particularly Black, Indigenous, and racialized individuals as well as their families.

CCWS currently works in partnership with the Black Legal Action Centre (“BLAC”) and other critical partners related to the child welfare experience.

CCWS’ main pillars are systemic organizing, community development, and one-on-one individual intervention/advocacy.

We ground the work we do under our main pillars in the principles of critical youth-centering, decolonization, and addressing anti-Black racism. Most persons seeking support (“PSS”) are Black, Indigenous, and racialized people.

CCWS is not and will never affiliate with a child protection agency, including with the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies. Child protection agencies have no partnership or involvement with CCWS other than referring children, youth, and families/carers for individual advocacy support or programming. Child protection employees are not volunteers or employees of CCWS.


Individual Advocacy

CCWS provides individual advocacy support for children and youth, primarily Black, Indigenous, and racialized, as well as their families who are involved with or have been involved with child protection services or child welfare in Ontario.

Systemic Organizing

Systemic organizing is one of the main pillars of the Collective of Child Welfare Survivors (“CCWS”). CCWS considers systemic organizing to be any kind of public advocacy, campaign, or organizing effort to address a systemic issue collectively impacting child welfare survivors.

Community Development

CCWS focuses on creating educational and healing spaces that deal with a range of topics for child welfare survivors, primarily Black, Indigenous, and racialized youth between the ages of 12-25.

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