CCWS is now accepting applications for volunteers and placement students on a rolling basis. See below for more information. 


CCWS is always looking for volunteers who are 18 years or older, particularly Black, Indigenous, and racialized folks, to support our community development and individual advocacy. If you are interested in supporting either/both of these please fill out the Google Form attached.

We do ask for a resume, however if you don’t have one please provide some kind of document that describes any work you’ve done related to your area of interest. The process will also include a subsequent interview and training if you are selected.

If there are accessibility issues in filling out the Google Form, please email us and we will build a process that ensures we get the necessary information related to submitting.

It is important to state that we only accept volunteers that we believe will work well with child welfare survivors and their families, and who share interests/politics that align with ours. We do not accept applications from current employees of and child protection agency.

If you have any concerns about the process for becoming a volunteer please email us at and we will respond within 48 hours.


CCWS does accept placement students at the post-secondary level. Interested students should have an interest in taking a critical and abolitionist stance on child welfare. We also prefer that interested students come with some kind of experience in community organizing, working with child welfare related organizations, and/or lived experience with child welfare.

The Black Legal Action Centre (“BLAC”) is the Organization Mentor for the Collective of Child Welfare Survivors (“CCWS”), including the inclusion of CCWS on BLAC’s Insurance Policy.

Placement students are technically placed with BLAC and then specifically CCWS as a project. As CCWS’ Organizational Mentor, a BLAC staff member may be a supervisor for the placement process depending on the academic institution. However, it will be a CCWS staff member that directly supervises the student on a daily basis.

Applications for placements should include a cover letter and resume emailed to