Due to COVID-19 all speaking/facilitation is virtual. 

CCWS does not provide speakers/facilitators for child protection agencies. Child protection workers can refer children and youth to CCWS to participate in our programming.

While some of the topics listed below can be facilitated by CCWS, there may be more appropriate organizations that we refer you to based on their specific mandate and the work they do.

CCWS provides talks and workshops related to child welfare. As of now the topics we engage are:

  • Understanding Child Welfare (General Lens) 
  • Rights in Child Welfare?
  • Colonization, Decolonization, and Abolition in Child Welfare
  • AntiBlack Racism and Misogynoir
  • Homophobia and Transphobia 
  • Anti-Fatness
  • Ableism, Sanism, and AntiBlack Sanism 
  • Immigration, Deportations, and Child Welfare
  • Ethical and Harmful Research on Child Welfare Survivors 
  • Tokenizing vs Critical Youth Centreing 
  • Problems and Impact Racial Displacement in Placement (foster/group home care, adoption) 

These are topics that we still engage young people in, as well as: 

  • Self, Relationships, and Surviving Child Welfare
  • Getting Financial Support from “the System”
  • Academic Trajectory Support
  • Employment Support
  • Sexuality and Sexual Health
If you would like to book a speaker/workshop please fill out the Google Form.